Creative editing services

Pricing & Process


What makes you different? Everybody has a camera these days. What makes you unique in your market? In today's culture, clients want more than just a snapshot image. They want a piece of art... they want something that transcends the photographic.

What makes us different makes YOU different.

WPPI Master Photographer, Paul Ernest, M. Photog. has won numerous awards in WPPI and PPA, including a Grand Award at WPPI and both Gold and Diamond Photographer of the Year with PPA. Paul personally works on every image himself, using his skills as a photographer, as well as his experience in his former career as an Art Director. In addition, his insights as a print competition judge will contribute to the collaboration phase as well.

Step One: Contact Us

Call us at 214.477.4512 or if you would rather email, you can reach us at Once we have communicated, we will schedule time for a phone consultation.

Step Two: Consult & Select

Best of all, Paul Ernest will be editing your image himself - not someone on a faceless post production team.  Paul personally works with you on selection and direction of your image.

Step Three: Collaborate & Edit

Once the selection phase has been completed, Paul will He will help you "tell the story" of your image by considering the mood and connection you want to make. Paul will also work with you on any suggestions for further advanced composite work.

Step Four: Approve

Each Ernest Edit includes two sets of revisions. This insures that you and Paul are on the same page with your vision or your client's vision.

Step Five: Profit

One of the great things about providing a premium product for your clients is the ability to sell it at a premium price. The services of Ernest Edits will allow you to sell more and larger wall art, as well as set your studio apart on a marketing level. 


Keeping things simple has been a priority in the design process of Ernest Edits. All of our single image editing services are $120, including skies and all other types of image manipulation.

20 image package price of $2000*, a savings of $400.

*Billed at $500 per month over 4 months. All 20 edits must be completed within 12 months of purchase.

Heavily composited projects do have a slightly higher price due to the time involved. These projects are estimated on a project by project basis.